Mary O’Malley

Director Digital Communications 

Heads the unit. Award-winning producer, with a background in journalism and factual TV.

Has a passion for communications in the developing world. Sings in the office. A lot.

Mark Foster

Manager Media Production  

Another award-winning producer (yes, we collect them) with a strong background in educational media.

Manages the commissioned work and oversees all production. Whistles while he works.

Brad Hall

Senior Online Producer.

The go-to man for your editorial videos. 

Escaped journalism to work in drama and comedy, which comes in handy more than you might think.

Lee Henderson

Senior Cameraman - Editor

Fabulous cameraman and editor. Can shoot anywhere, including hanging out of a helicopter. Manages the studio and edit suites.

Must be kept caffeinated.

Tolmie MacRae

Editor and Motion Graphics

Our man for all things design-oriented. Films and edits, and terrorises the unsuspecting with video projection art in his spare time.

Our regular freelancers